Article • November 5, 2022

How we are using R3 Corda in Pairpoint platform

In Pairpoint (former DAB), we believe Blockchain is the future of the Economy of Things. That is why we positioned a DLT technology at the center of our platform.

The video below is a recording of a panel discussion at CordaCon 2022 event (R3’s flagship annual customer conference) in which the Pairpoint team went through why Blockchain/DLT Technology is such an important component of the platform and why we have partnered with R3/Corda.

During the panel discussion Pairpoint’s Product and Technology team provide an overview on the journey toward the selection of the Corda Blockchain and how it is being applied to the platform and one of the first use case – Electric Vehicle Charging, ESG/sustainability considerations and partnerships.

Click here to see the video on the CordaCon website.

(registration to CordaCon website is free)