Introducing Pairpoint
a revolutionary
Economy of Things platform

Opening IoT devices
for business - Building on
connectivity to secure devices
and their data

Enabling them to
transact securely
and autonomously

anytime, anywhere


Create security through unique device SIMs

We pave the way for the future by providing a secure and reliable way for IoT devices to communicate with each other, using a unique SIM card. When you connect these devices to our platform along with the SIM card and hardware, they form the basis of our innovative SIM Trust technology.

Enable autonomous transactions

Enable IoT devices to chat effortlessly using the Pairpoint platform. With smart contracts, customers can pay their suppliers as soon as they get their goods. If the customers consider the delivery to be fast and efficient, they can choose to give bonuses for performance.

your data

Welcome to a world where you can share data securely and affordably with other devices, applications and organisations. You can also manage your data with a blockchain platform that offers a safe and clear way of recording and verifying transactions.

Ensure secure, trustworthy communications

In addition to finding, connecting, and interacting with other devices outside of their ecosystem, authenticated devices can publish their services. Your delivery fleet can now arrive at the warehouse and communicate autonomously with it, automatically documenting a precise, trustworthy, on-time delivery status.

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May 22, 2024

iot squared and Pairpoint Announce Collaboration ...

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