Article • September 1, 2022

First hackathon successfully completed

At the end of August, we hosted our first Pairpoint (former DAB) hackathon. A group of 10 software engineers from a partner company was invited to help us test our technology and documentation, and start building innovative Pairpoint-powered prototypes.

The developers invited had different technical backgrounds. They all received a Pairpoint Developer Kit – a package of Vodafone USB modem, IoT SIM and Raspberry Pi. This specially created kit was designed to allow developers to start working with Pairpoint in the shortest possible time.

The day included the installation of the Software Development Kit and the completion of a number of tutorials to demonstrate the usability of the core functions of the technology. Later in the day, an exploration session allowed participants to innovate by creating a new use case of their own.

The results went beyond our expectations. We saw external developers playing around with parallel transactions, deploying services, testing the logic, and thinking about new use cases. The Use case session was particularly interesting. Developers organised themselves into 3 groups and started ideating potential solutions based on Pairpoint’s capabilities.

All developers reported having enjoyed the occasion and found Pairpoint’s tech and vision incredibly interesting and stimulating.